Stage design for Stravinsky Triple Bill, performed at Metropolitan Opera House, New York, 1981

Stravinsky Poster Metropolitan Opera Stravinsky - 81B40 Set For Sacre Superimposed Figures I Superimposed Figures VII Set With Dancers II Study For Costumes On The Stage Costume Study With Priests Primitive Masks Le Rossignol <p>Designs from <i>Le Rossignol, </i>as performed at the Metropolitan Opera House, 1981.</p>

<p>Composer: Igor Stravinsky<br>
 Libretto: Stepan Mitusov, after Hans Christian Andersen<br>
 Conductor: James Levine<br>
 Stage Director: John Dexter<br>
 Stage Design: David Hockney<br>
 Choreographer: Frederick Ashton <br>
 Lighting: Gil Wechsler </p>

<p> </p>

<p>Fisherman: Anthony Dowell (sung by Philip Creech) <br>
 Nightingale: Nataila Makarova (sung by Gwendolyn Bradley) <br>
 Emperor: Morley Meredith</p>Nightingale And Fisherman By The Seashore Dancing Figures With Mountains And Trees Courtiers And Mountains Courtiers And Masks Study Of Courtiers On The Stage Set For Le Rossignol Emperor And Courtiers Forty Chinese Masks Costume For Nightingale Death II Japanese Ambassador Emperor’s March Represantation Of Real And Mechanical Nightingale Studies For Mechanical Nightingale Sketch Of Mechanical Nightingale Oedipus Rex Sketch For Oedipus Chorus, Principals, Narrator, Orchestra & Masks Oedipus On Stage With Mountains Behind Study Of Masks II Study Of Masks For Chorus Mask Studies Study For Chorus With Masks Three Singers On The Stage Chorus With Masks Above Their Heads Chorus In Evening Dress On Stage With Masks Chorus In Evening Dress On Stage With Masks Oedipus. Principal Singers, Chorus And Narrator Principals, Singers And Chorus Oedipus In The Auditorium Raised Stage With Orchestra Study Of Masks For Principals Seeing And Blind Masks For Oedipus IV Sketch For Blind Mask For Oedipus Blind Mask For Oedipus