Stage design for Parade Triple Bill (Parade, Les Mamelles de Tiresias, and L’Enfant et les Sortileges), performed at Metropolitan Opera House, New York, 1981

Parade Title Model for Backdrop Parade Drop Curtain For Parade Ballet Picasso Horse “For John Dexter”  The Stage From The Orchestra  Harlequin Against Gold  Troop of Actors & Acrobats (Harlequins Against Gold Proscenium)  Acrobat. Doctori  Jazz Dancers With Punchinello For Parade  Chinese Conjuror  Les Mamelles de Tiresias Picasso Stage Manager  Curtain With Curved Stage Model For Drop Curtain  Set For Mamelles  Babies With Husbands Poiret Gowns For Mamelles Poiret Gowns For Mamelles  Coats For Mamelles  After Poiret For Mamalles Le Journalist  Men’s Chorus For Mamelles Femele Chorus For Mamelles  Punchinello With Baby  Barbed Wire. Prams. Incre. Colle. Pen  Baby Carriage With Baby L’Enfant et les Sortileges  Punchinello Head  Child With Books, Cup and Teapot  Teapot Punchinellos Changing Blocks Punchinello With Applause Cubist Punchinella Punchinello With Block The Room With Singers  Principal Singers For L’Enfant II  Principal Singers For L’Enfant  The Room  Shepherds and Shepherdesses Dancing Off The Wall Princess With Book (2nd Version)  Princess With Book (1st Version)  Mr. Arithmetic I  Child With Large Chair and Fireplace  Fire and Cinder (1st Version)  The Garden With Singers  The Garden Moth Three Bats In The Garden Two Bats In The Garden  Dragon Flies (3rd version) Frog Frogs In The Garden